Ришел говори за новата й книга “Soundless”

Книгата излиза през ноември 2015г. в САЩ:

Richelle Mead Discusses Her New Novel SOUNDLESS

Watch Richelle Mead talk about her new upcoming novel #Soundless! Are you excited about a new story from Richelle?

Posted by Bloodlines – The OFFICIAL global page on Sunday, August 30, 2015

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Нова книга от Ришел Мийд – “Soundless”

Книгата ще излезе на 17.11.2015г. и е вдъхновена от китайския фолклор:

For bestselling YA author Richelle Mead, 2015 will be a year of both closure and new beginnings. The Ruby Circle, the sixth and final volume of her Bloodlines series, is due from Razorbill on February 10. And Mead’s first standalone novel and first fantasy, Soundless, a saga inspired by Chinese folklore and set in a remote mountaintop village where no one has spoken for generations, is due from the publisher on November 17.

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