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Ришел говори за “Академия за вампири” в ново интервю за Hypable

Today we spoke with Richelle Mead about Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters. She gave us some insight to the script and our favorite characters Dimitri and Rose.

Question: I was wondering if a person or actor inspired the character of Dmitri? Or if you know any hot Russians personally?

Richelle: I’m afraid Dmitri came straight outta my brain. People have asked this and I have contemplated that maybe I should have mentioned it a long time ago, come up with a story to stick to and tell people. I can make up this great thing about maybe my car broke down and a hot Russian came and helped me fix my tire. I basically built a lot of mystique around the character. But the truth is he was born straight from me.

Question: From the actors that you have met playing the characters, which one have you met that matches your imagination from the character the best?

Richelle: I haven’t met any of the cast yet. They all are just spot on. I am so thrilled with the way that they did this casting. Everyone was just, I feel, very handpicked. The director was so conscientious about matching the character’s personality with them. I think the one that most is, Gosh, it’s really hard to pick anyone I would say is the most. I mean Zoey has that vibrancy and energy that Rose has. Danila’s got that stoic Dmitri thing going down. Maybe it’s ’cause he’s a little older than the rest of the cast, which is exactly how it should be for the books. I think the one that really knocked me out was when I saw Cameron Monaghan cast as Mason. He is just such a dead ringer for the Mason in my head, which is bitter sweet for those who know Mason and the rest of the series. I look, and I just think, oh Cameron. But ya, they all are, I just couldn’t be more thrilled with the way it panned out.

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В ново интервю Ришел говори за “The Fiery Heart”, “VA: Blood Sisters” и “Gameboard of the Gods”

On to Bloodlines — The perspectives will flip-flop between Sydney and Adrian in the series’ upcoming installment. Was it hard to make that change?

The perspectives in The Fiery Heart were surprisingly easy. I’ve been thinking about using Adrian’s voice for a long time and it happened pretty naturally with switching back and forth between them. The most difficult part kind of relates to the third-person problem — figuring out how you’re telling the story. Are they together experiencing the same scene from different points of view? Or are they having concurrent adventures? But getting inside Adrian’s head and all of that, that’s been a lot of fun. I think people are going to love it.

Do you think you’ll ever write another Vampire Academy or Bloodlines spinoff?
A lot of people have been asking this, especially now that we’re halfway through the Bloodlines series. I’m thinking about it. I know how the series will end and it ends a lot like all of my series do, which is that there is a resolution, but there’s always room for more. So this is the question, if I go there. I don’t know! We’ll see what happens. It would be fun. It’s hard to leave that world, especially as I write more books in it. When you put all that work into something, it’s hard to let it go.

I have to ask about the Vampire Academy movie as well. Are you going to visit the set?

I hope so. The details of that are being worked out. I hope I get to. In the meantime, they’re doing all sorts of stuff. Working on costumes, etc. Both the lead actresses [Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry] have had their hair dyed accordingly.

Don’t want to upset the fans on that one.
Yeah, it’s funny that hair color is such a sore subject with people. It was just like The Hunger Games when people saw blonde Jennifer Lawrence. But once the dye comes in, everything’s cool. So, they look great now. [Pauses] They looked great before, of course.

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