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Bloodlines – The OFFICIAL global page обявиха на официалната си Фейсбук страница, че през следващите няколко седмици до излизането на “The Ruby Circle”, ще дават възможности на феновете да отключват ексклузивни материали и да печелят награди. Ето и посланието на Ришел:

Първото предизвикателство за феновете бе да отключат първите 3 глави от книгата, което вече е постигнато. За повече информация относно следващите предизвикателства, следете официалната Фейсбук страница на поредицата “Bloodlines”.

Източници: Ришел Мийд, Bloodlines – The OFFICIAL global page

Глави 1-7 от “Silver Shadows”


Книгата вече излезе в Австралия и Нова Зеландия, а след няколко часа е по магазините и в САЩ. Ето ги и последните два цитата от обратното броене до излизането на книгата:

Ришел с нейното копие на “Silver Shadows”:

Източник: Bloodlines – The OFFICIAL global page

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I woke to darkness.

This was nothing new, as I’d been waking to darkness for the last . . . well, I didn’t know how many days. It could’ve been weeks or even months. I’d lost track of time in this small, cold cell, with only a rough stone floor for a bed. My captors kept me awake or asleep, at their discretion, with the help of some drug that made it impossible to count the days. For a while, I’d been certain they were slipping it to me in my food or water, so I’d gone on a hunger strike. The only thing that had accomplished was a forced feeding—something I never, ever wanted to experience again—and no escape from the drug. I’d finally realized they were piping it in through the ventilation system, and unlike with food, I couldn’t go on an air strike.

For a while, I’d had the fanciful idea that I’d track time with my menstrual cycle, the way that women in primitive societies synced themselves up to the moon. My captors, proponents of cleanliness and efficiency, had even provided feminine hygiene products for when the time came. That plan failed as well, though. Being abruptly cut off from birth control pills at the time of my capture reset all my hormones and spun my body into irregular cycles that made it impossible to measure anything, especially when combined with my wacky sleep schedule. The only thing I could be certain of was that I wasn’t pregnant, which was a huge relief. If I’d had Adrian’s child to worry about, the Alchemists would’ve had unlimited power over me. But it was just me in this body, and I could take whatever they threw at me. Hunger, cold. It didn’t matter. I refused to let them break me.

“Have you thought about your sins, Sydney?”

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Около предстоящото излизане на ДВД-то на “Академия за вампири”, излязоха и нови банери:

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