Допълнителни истории към юбилейното издание на “Академия за вампири”

По случай 10-тата година от излизането на първата книга от “Академия за вампири”, излиза юбилейно издание на книгата с допълнителни истории от света на Академията. Част от историите са преди събитията от първата книга, други са след тях. Ришел публикува онлайн нови описания на 4 историите:

“The Turn and the Flame” – Christian will never escape the shadow of his parents’ crimes, but what really happened on that dark night? In this story, we see the events unfold through the eyes of his aunt, Tasha Ozera. A teenager at the time, Tasha is faced with the horror of what her family has done, the condemnation of the rest of the Moroi world, and keeping her nephew safe at all costs. With love and life on the line, Tasha is forced to make hard choices that will forever mark her and set her on a dangerous path…

“From the Journal of Vasilisa Dragomir” – In the wake of her family’s tragic deaths, Lissa finds both her world and her sanity slowly unraveling. But amidst all that uncertainty, one thing remains firm: the devotion of her best friend. Despite all the risks and rule breaking (because that’s never stopped her before), Rose does the impossible and spirits Lissa away from St. Vladimir’s. These journal entries cover the events that led to their escape, Lissa coming to terms with her strange new powers, and what it’s like to be on the road with Rose Hathaway.

“The Meeting” – We know what Rose thought when she met Dimitri–it was pretty much “no way is he hurting my best friend” and “wow, he’s tall!” (It’s not mentioned in the original text, but she thought he looked pretty good in a duster too). But what did Dimitri experience in that moment? This short story retells the events of their first showdown in the streets of Portland–through the eyes of our favorite badass Russian god.

“Hello, My Name is Rose Hathaway” – Shortly after the events of book one, St. Vladimir’s Academy hosts its annual costumed carnival–and during it, the students run a secret scavenger hunt that involves sneaking around campus and stealing prized possessions from both the school and its instructors. Rose valiantly tries to stay out of it all, but when it comes to funnel cake, a best friend’s plea, and slinking around dark places with Dimitri, no girl can resist.

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Ришел говори за “Академия за вампири” в ново интервю за Hypable

Today we spoke with Richelle Mead about Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters. She gave us some insight to the script and our favorite characters Dimitri and Rose.

Question: I was wondering if a person or actor inspired the character of Dmitri? Or if you know any hot Russians personally?

Richelle: I’m afraid Dmitri came straight outta my brain. People have asked this and I have contemplated that maybe I should have mentioned it a long time ago, come up with a story to stick to and tell people. I can make up this great thing about maybe my car broke down and a hot Russian came and helped me fix my tire. I basically built a lot of mystique around the character. But the truth is he was born straight from me.

Question: From the actors that you have met playing the characters, which one have you met that matches your imagination from the character the best?

Richelle: I haven’t met any of the cast yet. They all are just spot on. I am so thrilled with the way that they did this casting. Everyone was just, I feel, very handpicked. The director was so conscientious about matching the character’s personality with them. I think the one that most is, Gosh, it’s really hard to pick anyone I would say is the most. I mean Zoey has that vibrancy and energy that Rose has. Danila’s got that stoic Dmitri thing going down. Maybe it’s ’cause he’s a little older than the rest of the cast, which is exactly how it should be for the books. I think the one that really knocked me out was when I saw Cameron Monaghan cast as Mason. He is just such a dead ringer for the Mason in my head, which is bitter sweet for those who know Mason and the rest of the series. I look, and I just think, oh Cameron. But ya, they all are, I just couldn’t be more thrilled with the way it panned out.

Можете да прочетете цялото интервю на сайта на Hypable.

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“Академия за вампири” спечели в надпреварата

Преди известно време www.nola.com пуснаха анкета за това коя книга, превърнала се във филм, ще е следващата супер поредицата на Холивуд. “Академия за вампири” се състезава с “Mortal Instruments” и спечели :) :

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EDIT: Официалната статия по въпроса:

If the fans have any say in the matter — and let’s be honest, they definitely do — then Preger Entertainment appears to have a future hit on its hands with the “Vampire Academy” film series. And that’s even before a single frame of film has been shot.

The first planned movie based on Richelle Mead’s supernatural, and superpopular, book series edged out Cassandra Clare’s equally beloved “Mortal Instruments” series in our recently concluded, March Madness-inspired quest for the next big book-to-film franchise.

With more than 20,000 votes cast in the championship round alone — and thousands more cast over the weeklong life of the multi-staged reader poll — “Vampire Academy” racked up 10,679 votes (51.26 percent) to 10.154 votes (48.74 percent) for “Mortal Instruments.”

(In the “Final Four” stage of voting, “Vampire Academy” racked up 87.8 percent of the vote to beat runner-up “The Hunger Games,” while “Mortal Instruments” grabbed 84.21 percent to beat “Ender’s Game.”)

Which just goes to prove that there really aren’t any losers here. Both “Vampire’s Academy” and “Mortal Instruments” would appear to have that key ingredient for a successful page-to-screen franchise: a loyal and passionate fan base.


Историята на тийзър трейлърите на “Академия за вампири”

In 2009, during Richelle Mead’s Australian tour, we learned two very important things. Firstly, you guys LOVED Richelle! But second to that, you were DESPERATE to hear more about the next book in the series, desperate to hear ANYTHING, even a clue as to what might happen. Richelle was asked countless times to break her secrets about all of the characters and what might happen to them. She didn’t but we did convince her to read a preview of Spirit Bound at the Vampire Academy After Party in Sydney. When we posted the clip, it EXPLODED and people went mad analyzing exactly what the extract might mean.

When we recovered from the tour, all the pieces fell into place and we decided to give a few more Spirit Bound teasers. We didn’t want to dump whole extracts of the book out there, so why not tease a little? And so we created the first set of Vampire Academy teasers for Spirit Bound. This were ten second simple clips that gave a quote from the book, out of context and with no reference to who was speaking them. And you LOVED them – we made seven in quick succession and then added a bonus because you were so excited.

After Spirit Bound with the cliffhanger looming and the finale of series coming we knew we had to take it up a level. It’s important to note, we ALWAYS read the book before creating the trailers. We never want to mislead or misdirect from what is actually happening in the book. As an example, before reading Last Sacrifice, we’d developed the tagline for the trailers ‘Who Will Survive?’ but when we read the book and realised that no major character is killed, we felt it would be misleading so we focused on the murder mystery aspect and it’s importance to the story with the ‘Who Killed The Queen?’ tagline.

Because Last Sacrifice was the last of VA series we wanted to tie in all the characters and pay homage to them, so we came up with the idea to split the trailers into character themed and then actual quotes. With the split, we also decided to play with the visuals. Reminding viewers that every image was a clue sent MANY of you crazy with wild guesses as what the tent meant and other visual clues! We also added live action sequences with the Last Sacrifice quote trailers, getting some VA helpers to play the hidden roles with snippets of scenes.

Then came Bloodlines! We always try and do something different, make things better and play with the status quo so the idea to use actors was appealing. Of course, the task of casting actors that would fit everyone’s ideal Rose, Dimitri, Sydney, Adrian and Jill was virtually impossible. Did the response surprise us? A little, but we’re still proud of everyone involved in those trailers. We also wanted to use the Bloodlines trailers as a bridging between the two series. Rose and Dimitri are incredibly popular characters and while they weren’t front and centre in Bloodlines, we wanted to reward their role in the series with respect, so the idea to include them trailers was important.

Now comes The Golden Lily teaser trailers. We’ve taken the feedback from all our trailers on board. From the simple Spirit Bound quotes to the full cast and developed Bloodlines characters, we’ve learnt what you want to see more of and less of.

Some helpful handy hints for The Golden Lily trailers:

1. There are six and they tell a story across the six.
2. Visuals are just as important as the words themselves. Everything, and we mean everything, is a clue.
3. The tagline ‘The Choice I Make For Love/Family/Friends and the quote selected MEAN something.

See you tomorrow at 10am Australian Eastern Standard time for the first trailer debut.

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io9 говорят за “Академия за вампири”

In the wake of The Hunger Games dominating the box office, studios are rushing faster than ever to find more young-adult books to turn into movies. According to the Los Angeles Times, it’s become a feeding frenzy, to the point that Universal paid $1 million for the rights to a book that’s only sold about 23,000 copies since September.

And the list of YA novels that have been optioned in the past year is too long to reproduce. But our bet for the book series that has the best shot at capturing the audiences that swarmed to see Katniss kick ass? The Vampire Academy books by Richelle Mead.

I’ve read a lot of YA science fiction and fantasy books in the past few years, and it’s safe to say that they’ve been hit and miss. For every Hunger Games, there have been some duds, including some books that got major attention and huge movie deals. As Universal’s Peter Cramer tells the L.A. Times, “We’re seeing a million of them, but most feel like imitations or ‘Johnny-come-latelies.’”

In particular, I see a lot of cookie-cutter dystopian settings, which often lack any real menace, or an interesting means of social control. Or worse yet, contrived set-ups, which don’t seem like they would ever happen in real life. I’m also seeing a lot of bland main characters, who are too passive in the face of the challenges they face — which is the kiss of death for this type of novel, and especially for any movie. Oh, and then there’s the I Am Number Four problem, where the main character is just unlikable and kind of a brat.

The thing that was so great about Hunger Games, and resonated with so many people, was the fact that Katniss is seldom passive, and she has actual survival skills. She doesn’t get drawn into the Games because she’s picked randomly — she volunteers, to save her sister. And once she’s pulled in, she keeps making choices, and trying to use her skills to survive. She’s proactive and skilled, and also kind of pissed off at the world.

And that’s why I like Rose Hathaway as a potential heroine of a film series — she’s also a proactive character who makes rash, impulsive choices. The first VA novel begins with Rose and her best friend Lissa already having run away from the Academy, after Rose was on the verge of being expelled for destroying school property. Rose says things like “I don’t start fights where people can see them,” but she’s refreshingly violent nonetheless. She’s also training to become a vampire bodyguard, so there are lots of training scenes and fight scenes, and yet she’s not invincible or anything — she gets her ass kicked a lot.

And the world-building, featuring two races of vampires, the Moroi and the evil Strigoi, plus the half-breed dhampirs, is also engaging. As the books go on, we get sucked further into the intricacies of vampire politics and the Moroi get more and more desperate to survive in the face of the overwhelming Strigoi threat.

Could Vampire Academy Be The Next Hunger Games?I wrote a lot about the awesomeness of the first Vampire Academy book here. Suffice to say, it’s very different than The Hunger Games, but it’s also not really much like Twilight or Harry Potter either, despite the “vampires” and “boarding school” thing. Image by GiorRoig on Deviant Art

But what the series does offer is a strong female character — not in the sense of “bland action hero who happens to be female,” but in the sense of “female character who takes action and has real emotions and relationships.” The huge success of these books shows that they’ve already resonated with lots of people, and I really think that Rose could inspire the same kind of devotion on the big screen that Katniss now has.

But there’s also the fact that at least the first Vampire Academy book has a huge theme of slut-shaming, which is woven into the more dystopian aspects of the world-building. Rose lets her friend Lissa feed on her blood, which is something that only “blood whores” — the lowest of the low, dhampirs who live in disgusting brothels — ever do. And meanwhile, two of the guys in the school spread rumors that Rose had sex with both of them, which fuels the attempts by the school’s mean girls to ostracize her. The whole “Rose is a slut” theme finally culminates when — spoiler alert — someone gives Rose a cursed necklace that makes her unable to control her sexual urges.

When these books first started coming out a few years ago, slut-shaming was already a huge issue for teenagers — but now? Now, it’s a cultural emergency, for adults as well as teens, and it would be fantastic to see a movie that used supernatural tropes to talk about it, in much the same way the Hunger Games uses dystopian tropes to talk about class in America.

Full size
The other thing that’s great about the Vampire Academy books, that would be really nice to see on the big screen, is their exploration of female friendship — the relationship between Rose and Lissa is like a real teen friendship exaggerated through the lens of fantasy — they have a psychic bond and Rose can feel what Lissa is feeling sometimes. And Lissa can heal Rose with her magic powers. Not that the books don’t also have excellent male characters — including Rose’s mentor/hottypants, Dmitri and Christian, the outcast goth kid. Image by Emmav on Deviant Art.

These books provide a strong foundation for a movie series, and might help us avoid more I Am Number Four-style debacles. So what’s been happening with the books since they were optioned in July 2010?

We asked producer Don Murphy (who also produced the Transformers films and Splice), and here’s what he told us:

We’ve been working very hard over the last year on Vampire Academy with producer Mike Preger in order to get the perfect combination of screenplay and director. Some studios have reflexively turned us down because of Vampires being involved, which is strange- after the last Twilight do they think that audience disappears?

But realistically, we are staying focused on getting the right film made and on the characters. Every studio turned down Transformers. The great thing about the VA books is if you actually read them, they will obsess and absorb you. Richelle Mead created a world that we think is more seductive than either Twilight or Hunger. We aim to get that word to the screen intact.

Reading between the lines, it sounds as though the studios are afraid of vampire burnout after Twilight — plus other vamp movies, like Cirque du Freak, haven’t done that well. And it sounds as though Murphy and Preger are seeking to keep a lot of creative control over the project instead of handing it over to the studio to manage. It sounds like they also want some guarantees that the film will actually get made soon, rather than getting stuck in development.

So now that Hunger Games is a bona fide hit and everything has changed, will Vampire Academy get out of limbo? And can the movie really keep Rose, with all her toughness and her anxieties over people thinking she’s a blood whore, intact? Let’s hope so.

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Нов пост от Ришел

Ришел отговаря на 3 често задавани въпроса от феновете в нов пост от блога си:

There are three questions/requests I’m frequently asked: #1 – Will you write another Vampire Academy book? (I don’t know…maybe years down the road, no guarantees…in the meantime, we have Bloodlines!), #2 – Will you write a book from Dimitri’s POV? (No), and #3 – Can you have Rose get pregnant and have a baby with Dimitri and/or Adrian?

Regarding #3. I’ve long said the answer to that is no–at least, it is so long as I’m writing about a teenage heroine. I know people who’ve had babies in their teens and have had wonderful outcomes and beautiful babies. They wouldn’t trade that for anything, and I don’t blame them. In general, though, I’d recommend waiting until one is out of her teens, if it all possible. Rose is 18 at the end of the VA series. She’s young. She’s just become an adult, and I feel she needs to spend some time as an adult before having children. If she weren’t dedicated to killing vampires, I’d encourage her to get a job or go to college. So, my stance is the same: no. I’m not going to have my 18-year-old heroine get pregnant.

And now, I have another reason for not writing about Rose having a baby: it would be a boring book.

Now, don’t get me wrong. My baby isn’t boring. Taking care of him isn’t boring. I love it. But lately, it’s all I do. And if Rose had a baby, that’s all she’d do too. There’d be no daring Strigoi hunts, dangerous flirtations, exotic parties, or Court intrigues. You’d be reading pages that resemble my life, like how I spent half the day rocking the baby to sleep yesterday while watching Star Trek: Voyager reruns, in the hopes of getting him to sleep. Again, I don’t mind spending my days like that, but I’m not sure you want to read about Rose doing that. Her having a baby sounds romantic and exciting, and in many ways, it is–but probably not in the way some people imagine. For Rose to continue her action-packed lifestyle, she’d have to find some pretty serious daycare…and then there’d be no baby in the book anyway.

So, there you have it. No babies for teenage heroines, only thirty-something authors. Motherhood is awesome, but even more awesome with a solid job and reliable health insurance.

Even Redheads Get the Blues

Поредицата се е задържала 40 седмици в класацията на NYT

Поредицата ни, “Академия за вампири”, се е задържала цели 40 седмици в листата на NYT за най – продавани книги:

Penguin Teen: Congrats to Richelle Mead–the VAMPIRE ACADEMY series just hit its 40th week on the NYT bestseller list!

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Пълен трейлър на поредицата от Penguin US

Penguin US съобщиха, че пълният трейлър на поредицата ще започне да се върти от 9.12 до 23.12 по CW в Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Tampa, St. Louis, Portland, San Diego, SLC и Cincinnati:

Penguin US