За почитателите на вампирите (Charlaine Harris, Jeaniene Frost, Richelle Mead)

На Romantic Times Booklovers Convention в Чикаго присъстваха много от авторите, създаващи поредици за вампири. Две от тези авторки бяха Jeaniеne Frost (“Night Huntress”) и Charlaine Harris (“True Blood”). Мисля, че за много от вас би било интересно да видите няколко от панелите, в които участваха те:

Във видеото по-долу се появява и Ришел :) :

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Интервю на ShadowKissed с Ришел

Ришел отговаря на въпроси на ShadowKissed.net:

Richelle kindly answered some questions for us! So, from our vault of questions we brought out five though out questions that we thought you’d love to hear her answer! Enjoy!

What is a must-have for you when you are writing?
(Besides coffee)

My own space. I wish I was one of those writers who could write in cool locations, like parks or coffee shops. I get distracted, though, and am never fully comfortable. My best work always comes out of my own office, at my own desk. I can put my feet up, talk to my cats, and wear pajamas. A little crazy, maybe, but it gets the books done.

What was the inspiration behind writing a spin-off from VA? Did you always know you were going to, or did the idea come up mid-series?

I knew I was going to do it in the middle of the VA series, which was around the time I introduced Jill and Sydney. I originally thought Jill was going to narrate the new series, but Sydney turned out to be a better fit. Her voice and style are so unique, and it’s nice to have a human perspective on this world.

What was your favorite and least favorite part about leaving Rose’s mind and entering Sydney’s?

I love that Sydney can drop the craziest, most intellectual comments at any time. I’ve had to research some wacky topics to keep up with her! Rose was more “street smart,” so that wasn’t something I got to do a lot for her. While this isn’t my least favorite thing, I’ve been surprised at how difficult it is not swearing with Sydney. She never swears, either in thinking or speaking, but let’s face it: there are a lot of tense situations in these books that call for a few swear words. Rose never had any problem with that.

You answered a question saying that it was planned for Rose to be an Aries. What are the star signs of some of the other characters in the series?

Dimitri’s a Sagittarius, Lissa’s a Cancer, and Christian’s a Scorpio.

Is there a chance of it being revealed at some point that Dhampirs can actually have children with other Dhampirs?
It’s been speculated that they can, because Joshua told Rose that they could get married and have babies. Is there a chance of something being behind this, or was it merely an error in editing?

This was mostly an error in word choice on my part. I wanted to have Joshua go off on a crazy lovestruck ramble, painting a picture of all the things you want to do with someone you’re crazy about: get married, have kids, etc. I intended him to just not even really be thinking about what he was saying, but I shouldn’t have done that! It’s a line that’s raised a lot of questions since then.

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